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Why Extensive Reading Doubles Your Vocabulary
강사 : Dr. Rob Waring
장소 : 한국 교원대학교 - KAPEE 행사
HIT : 2375
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세미나 설명
  • Much of the language learning students do is linear in nature - going from unit to unit, from new language items to new language item. Much of this learning is abstract and focuses on 'one-point' learning. While this can help raise linguistic awareness, research shows that in fact much of this knowledge stays abstract and is available only in limited ways. Research also shows that combining ‘one-point’ learning with consolidation activities, especially Extensive Reading, doubles a learner’s receptive and productive vocabulary. Data will be presented to show this. The rest of the presentation will show why Extensive Reading is not just advisable, but a crucial corner-stone of building overall language ability in all four skills. Research has shown that Extensive Reading also has massive enabling effects on overall learner motivation for learning a foreign language.

    About Speaker
    Dr. Rob Waring is an acknowledged expert in Extensive Reading and second language vocabulary acquisition. He is on the Executive Board the Extensive Reading Foundation and is also author and series editor of the Foundations Reading Library, the Footprint Reading Library, and the Page Turners Reading Library by Cengage Learning.